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    The founder of NAOSA has worked with older adults for over 30 years. Learn what to say and what not to!

  • Learn How to Earn Trust the Right Way
    Older adults buy from those they trust. Unfortunately, many take advantge of this fact. Learn how to earn trust the right way simply and quickly.

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    Learn the impotance of being a problem solver. There is a huge demand for products and services from older adults. This demographic is looking for honest professionals every single day. Solve their problems and earn like never before.

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"My experience with the National Association of Senior Advocates has been excellent. I have found that NAOSA not only gives members a competetive edge, but it also allows them to develop strong relationships with other professionals in their area and nationally. These relationships often result in both receiving referrlas as well as feeling confident to refer to other NAOSA professionals who work with seniors."

PJ Petkovic

Exectutive Director, Senior Living Community

"NAOSA is terriffic and can't be beat. Our chapter in Beverly, Mass (just north of Boston) is filled with great professionals all with the same business philosophy. We have created a unique niche' in our area and the local senior centers are now turning to us for advice and guideance. I highly reccommend downloading the guide and learning how to work with older adults and how to become a member before your area is taken."

Brandon Campbell, Esquire

Elder Law Attorney

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